Meditation Interview Registration Form (Newly Accepted Students)

Meditation Interview Registration Form

Meditation Interview Registration Form | Malaysia Satipatthana Meditation Retreat (Newly Accepted Students)
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  1. There will be three Ajahns conducting the interview sessions for this retreat, namely Ajahn Prasan, Ajahn Nitiya and Ajahn Napatpol. All students will have an equal opportunity to seek advice on their practice through the interview sessions with one of the Ajahns.
  2. Please reconfirm your translation language selection during the meditation interview and choose the language that you are best at, in expressing your questions clearly. If you can only ask questions and narrate in English, please select English (even if you can understand Chinese). Please choose carefully to ensure you get the most benefit from your meditation interview. If you make the wrong choice, there may be no alternative interpreter on site to assist you. Once selected, it cannot be changed.
  3. Students can choose and prioritise the Ajahns that they prefer to seek advice from.
  4. Generation method of meditation interview list:
    Each Ajahn can only manage a certain number of students for homework submission. Allocation is based on the first choice indicated in the registration form. If the number of requests for a particular Ajahn is exceeded, then a draw will be conducted. If in the first round the student's first choice of Ajahn is no longer available, then the second choice of the student will be used to draw lots, and so on.
  5. For newly accepted students, your meditation interview date is 21 March (after retreat ends). If official accepted students give up the opportunity to have meditation interview with Ajahn during the retreat, then the newly accepted students will have the opportunity to seek advice from Ajahn during the retreat. The list will be determined based on the order of drawing lots.
  6. Please submit the form by 20 February 2023, as overdue submissions will not be accepted and will be considered as equivalent to a waiver.