The Buddhist Way to Peace of Mind


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This book is a compilation from ten of Venerable Pramote’s Dhamma talks in the summer of 2008. Only materials concerning the principles of meditation and Dhamma practice are presented here, along with pictures for easy understanding.

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The Buddhist Way to Peace of Mind
Author: Venerable Luangpor Pramote Pamojjo
Translated by Jess Peter Koffmen
Copyright by Luangpor Pramote Pamojjo’s Teaching Media Fund


【Table of Contents】

Chapter One: A Golden Opportunity——————-1
Chapter Two: The Buddha’s Teachings——————-27
Chapter Three: Practicing Vipassana——————-63
Chapter Four: Dhamma in Daily Life——————-1103


【About Venerable Luangpor Pramote Pamojjo】

Luangpor or Luang Por literally means “Revered Father” This is the title of respect that Thai people address an older monk.

Luang Por Pramote Pamojjo is a highly respected and appreciated Dhamma teacher. His teachings are especially appealing to modern urban people, helping them to become successful mindfulness and insight practitioners despite their busy lifestyles.

Although he offers a complete practice, emphasis is given to the development of strong mindfulness for effective Vipassana Practice. He teaches that Samatha (concentration meditation) and Vispassana (insight meditation) are interdependent and that both are necessary for Dhamma practice, provided there is an understanding of when and how to use them effectively.

He teaches the Dhamma to avid practitioners looking to truly understand the middle way and to progress in their practice. Bangkok residents set out on an hour and a half drive in the darkness of the early morning to arrive before sunrise and line up outside Luang Por’s center to get a good seat to listen to his teachings, express their concerns regarding their own practice and receive individual advice – a custom that has been coined “submitting their homework” for the headmaster to fine-tune or modify.

Luangpor’s style is easy, relaxed and intuitive. This allows him to guide the meditators in developing the skills they need to apply to his teaching and become self-sufficient Dhamma practitioners.

He has had many teachers in the Thai forest monk tradition, but regards Luangpu Dune as his primary teacher. Luangpu Dune was one of the first students of the legendary Ajahn Mun Bhūridatto.

Luangpor Pramote lives at Wat Suan Santidham where he guides his own monks, visiting monks and his large lay Sangha.


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Weight 0.21 kg